Hello. I'm Cliff.



I used to develop tests for software but that sucked a whole lot. Now I have a kid and stay home with him. That can’t last forever so I’m trying to find a new way to make those sweet sweet greenbacks. Right now I’m writing, drawing, and making YouTube videos. We’ll see how that works out.

I studied Economics in college. The biggest thing I learned from my studies was that studying Economics in college is a big waste of time and money. Oh well.



Right now I'm working on some projects just to feel things out. Who knows how long they'll last? I sure don't.


The Untrained I

A YouTube channel about making a YouTube channel about teaching yourself to draw. 

I'm teaching myself to draw and paint. It's something I've always wanted to do and so I'm going for it. I'm tracking my progress in a blog and YouTube channel. To do that I need to learn how to run a YouTube channel. The project also centers on that journey.

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images


Coming in 2018.